Anker Soundcore Icon


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Model Name A3122011
Brand Soundcore
Speaker Type Outdoor
Speakers Maximum Output Power 10 Watts
Item Weight 0.78 Pounds


Hang up, hang out: strap to any tree, bike, bag, or rail and play the soundtrack to your outdoor adventure. Get creative by sharing, swapping, and linking different straps and speakers.
Audio fireworks: an oversized Elliptical driver works with bass up technology to produce mind-blowing Audio power—it’s time to fill the streets with your favorite Beats.
Fun-proof: Wanna get wild? Icon does too. With IP67 protection, It breezes through water, sand, dust, snow, and mud. It even floats.
Don’t stop the beat: when the day ends, The music keeps going. Get 12 hours of iconic sound from a single charge.
Go stereo: double the sound and color by pairing two icons to play simultaneously.

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